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Binder Checks  

All Science Classes will have a binder check at the end of the 9 weeks. Students will leave their binders in class on the last day of the quarter. The grading rubric can be found in File Manager for your grade level.

Warmup Questions  

Warmup questions for both grades are now available in the File Manager section! If you are missing any, ask a friend or look at that file. They will be graded at the end of September.


8th Grade will have a quiz about the cell cycle and cell division this week.

7th Grade will have a quiz about measurement and lab safety this week.

Safety Contract  

All students received a copy of the Safety Contract that must be signed and returned ASAP! Students may not participate in labs until the safety contract is returned.


We will be doing Galileo tests in 7th and 8th grade science on Monday August 1st and Tuesday August 2nd. If you miss one of these days, please talk to Mrs. Gomez and we will reschedule you.

First Week  

Welcome to Science class!

The first week, you will need a 3 ring binder. If you cannot purchase one, please talk to Mrs Gomez or other WUSD staff.

On Friday, students should return the yellow intro paper and the syllabus with parent signautures.


Bienvenidos a la clase de ciencia!
Esta semana, se necesita una carpeta de 3 anillos. Si no puede comprar una, por favor hable con la señora Gómez u otro personal WUSD.
El viernes, los estudiantes deben devolver el documento de introducción amarillo y el plan de estudios con signautures padres.